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              •   Corporate Mission of the Group

                Being committed to infrastructure construction and social prosperity

                With the sense of honor and responsibility, China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is committed to the revitalization and development of the national infrastructures as well as social progress and prosperity, which is a historical mission granted by the state.

                China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is aiming to construct quality projects all over the country. It is a long-cherished wish for the Group to promote the economic development and social prosperity of the state.?

                  Corporate Vision of the Group

                Becoming the leader of the industry and creating a well-known brand

                The great projects accomplished by China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. in the past fifty years are distributed all over the country and the Group is also awarded as an "Invincible and Strong Team" and "Powerful Road Construction Team".

                In the context of economic globalization, China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. will continue to realize sustainable development and prosperity and become the leader of the industry with extraordinary courage, insights and ambitions. Among the all-round competition, it is the great vision and ambition of China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. to create more influential well-known projects to make "China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd." a famous brand in China.

              Copyright By China Railway NO.3 GROUP Co.,LTD ICP 07002119-1
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