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              • Leadership message

                Dear Friends,

                On behalf of CR3, we would like to thank you for visiting our website.

                Weathering the storms for over sixty years since its establishment in 1952, China Railway No. 3 Co., Ltd. has built its unshakable position and won the reputation of being in the forefront of civil infrastructure technology. This is because our roots are as important to us as the future. Not only were we one of the first companies in China to obtain the Qualification for General Contracting, but we also have the certificate of Premium Class Qualification for General Contracting for Railway Engineering. Our company has completed numerous civil engineering projects all over China and has contributed to the improvement of the country's transportation networks. At the same time we have striven for promoting the development of regional economies and gained rich experience in project management both in the domestic and overseas markets. We have entered and invested in a number of foreign countries all around the world, such as: India, Singapore, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania. Therefore, we are capable of taking a role of a general contractor for civil engineering construction works and providing top quality project management service on all levels of development.

                What we believe is most important, is that CR3 has the personnel and resources to effectively manage entire projects from concept to construction. Our civil engineering teams have designed thousands of roadways and railways; our project managers are skilled at coordinating multidiscipline construction teams to continuously monitor progress and costs. We have created bridge structures, houses, harbors, various power plants and water and wastewater management facilities.

                We pay our full attention to all phases of development for each and every project. Our clients can be absolutely sure they can expect high-quality service from the very initial stages - such as feasibility and environmental impact studies - through design development, to final stages of construction and post-construction assistance.

                In the 21st century we must face new challenges and continually strive toward excellence by building our working principles into everything we deliver, and into how we work as an organization. We are dedicated to promotion of social prosperity as we truly believe our success is largely due to our commitment to provide our customers and employees with opportunities to thrive. Thus, we wish to keep our high standards of management up-to-date to transform the company into a better, faster and more economical organism with a larger operating scale and stronger profitability.

                We sincerely hope to work hand in hand with domestic and overseas friends in order to achieve common goals and share a mutually beneficial and prosperous future created together for all of us!

                On behalf of CR3 and all its workers, thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Your attention and support are appreciated and important to us.

                Yours sincerely,
                Chair Man:?????????????????????????劉寶龍
                ??????????????????????????????????????????????Liu Baolong

                General Manager:????????????郝 ?剛
                ???????????????????????????????????????????? Hao Gang?

              Copyright By China Railway NO.3 GROUP Co.,LTD ICP 07002119-1
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